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What a Send-Off!

KUAO 7:00 am local

A crowd of well-wishers gathered at the Aurora Airport this morning to send us on our way. Thank you to everyone for a fantastic send-off.

The Participants

Final Goodbye

Pushing N18121 out of Hangar Hotel, KUAO

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12 juin 2019

Luke, thank you so much for sharing your unbelievable flight with the rest of the world!! I have so enjoyed every post and the history of your blog!! My dad Chuck Carlbom would have been thrilled to follow your trip!! Thank you so much


11 juin 2019

We had so much fun meeting all of you in Missoula! We have some gifts for you if you could contact us at (406) 542-0606. Please ask for Michelle McCue.


27 mai 2019

Luke, Your N18121 efforts turned out beautifully_ well done! Thank you for sharing the experience with us more terrestrial types. Look forward to seeing upcoming video and PIX. :) joel


25 mai 2019

Hi Luke, I have been tracking the flight looks like you have had to deal with some weather. Was that ice or snow on the wind screen in the photo.


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