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Participants and Supporters:


Pete Nickerson-Crew

Paul Bazeley-Crew

Bob Irvine-Crew

Luke Nickerson-Crew

Gary Eichman-Passenger

Phil Fogg-Passenger

Bill Hall-Passenger

Gordon Hoffman-Passenger

Wake Mack-Passenger

Jeff Petersen-Passenger

Dave Thompson-Passenger

Joining At Duxford RAF Base:

Steele Haughton-Passenger

Chris Moore-Passenger

Ned Robertson-Passenger


Cameron Aamodt-Structures

Cindy Allison-Interiors

Per Andersson-Structural Engineer

Patricia Avamolifua-Support

Kyle Bates-Structures

Jason Beck-Systems

Paul Conne-Structures

Matt Crouse-Structures

Garret Dodgion-Structures

Kyle Erickson-Structures/Finishes

Scott Gifford-Systems

Adam Grant-Structures

Casey Kuerzinger-Systems

Cale Lewis-Structures

Tyler Liedke-Systems

Chris McCarthy-Systems

Val McCarthy-Systems

Ken McDermott-Structures

Ian McGillivray-Quality

Hannah McLaughlin-Systems

Nick Newton-Polish/Support

Todd Perdue-Structures

Denny O'Brien-Structures

Bill Sandman-Heater Engineer

Lyn Simon-Interiors

Bud Varty-Support

Heriberto Velasquez-Interiors

John Villarreal-Structures

James Warren-Structures

Alex White-Interiors

Ron Weil-General Assembly

Dave Wingate-Support

Laura Zurita-Support

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