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Rolling back the Blog Clock to Goose Bay

More about our stop at Goose Bay May 26-27--(posted from Reykjavic)

Arrival at CYYR

DC3 N18121 touched down at Goose Bay airport (CYYR) Newfoundland at 17:35 Local (Atlantic Daylight Time)-20:35Z (UTC)

We checked in to the Royal Inn & Suites and shortly thereafter headed for dinner at the Mariner Inn where draft beer is warm on Sundays and cod tongue is a delicacy.

At the Mariner a gentleman introduced himself inquiring whether we were with one of the DC3's/C47's at the airport. He commenced to tell us his life story as a fireman at the Goose Bay air base. He seemed to be a fountain of information about the history of Goose Bay with emphasis on the polar crossings of WWII. He dwelled a bit too much for our taste on the wreckage scattered about the area.

After our new friend's departure we discussed options for the next day and decided to make for Reykjavic, Iceland the next day with Narsarsuaq, Greenland a refueling stop only.

Sleep was in short supply that night at the Goose Bay Royal Inn & Suites for most of us and for unknown reasons. Could it have been that we were about to set off on our first long overwater flight the next day?

We were up, packed and ready to go early the morning of May 27 due to our decision to head all the way to Reykjavic, Iceland in one day. Internal cabin bladder tanks were installed for the trip, giving us an additional 120 gallons of fuel. Engines started at 06:47 local time. And wheels came up at 07:28 local(ADT)/10:28 Z(UTC) We were bound for Narsarsuaq (BGBW).

Weather ahead was reported to be very favorable for our trip. BGBW reported "Clear below 24,000 feet"!! Distance to be covered 676 nautical miles. Direct CYYR-BGBW course indication of 61 degrees magnetic.

(To our readers, apologies for this non-chronological post-script addition We fell behind on our posts. Making up for time now while in Iceland)

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