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Making for Inverness and a historic first!

N18121 on the ground in Scotland

May 30, 2019 Reykjavik (BIRK)--->>Inverness (EGPE) 654nm

Engine start 09:15 Local (Iceland) and Zulu (UTC)

Wheels Up 09:41 L & Z

Touch down Inverness (EGPE) 14:50 Local (BST)

1350 Z (UTC)

Our crossing of the North Atlantic is complete! Having done so, we are advised that DC3 18121 has achieved an historic first as the oldest (in age and in service) aircraft to have ever flown the Atlantic.

The journey from Aurora, Oregon to Normandy (Caen, France) is not over. We depart for Duxford, UK this afternoon to assemble with other aircraft preparing for the crossing to France on June 5.

However, Dakonaut completes his final leg today and will leave DC3 18121 and its fine crew at Duxford on June 2. It has been not just a history making trip but the trip of a lifetime for me! Abundant thanks to all who made it happen in Aurora, Oregon, along the way and in the cockpit and on board!!! And thanks to all who have traveled with us via the blog and in our memories.

Somewhere Over The North Atlantic

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