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A Reminder of the Purpose of Our Journey

“This was at RAF North Witham, the base from where the Pathfinders took off. Dave flew airplane #14 the night of June 5th . We parked the Jeep right at the end of Rwy 30 which is the one Dave used that night. Very special and emotional day indeed.” from Moreno Aguiari of D-Day Squadron

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Some Reflections and Summary Comments

Foremost, thanks to all Aerometal International staff and their various vendors. Your hard work on preparing the aircraft laid the groundwork for a safe, comfortable, flawless journey. Everything yo


Jun 12, 2019

David B. Hamilton is the kind of fellow we could use a lot more of in our world_ seems a person of true substance and class. Thank you for sharing his interview! :) joel


Jun 09, 2019

An incredible flight undertaken by an incredible group of people. Thank you for coming all this way to remember the courage and sacrifices of our joint countrymen a lifetime ago. It is appreciated.


Jun 05, 2019

It’s fun to follow you all. Great journey!


Jun 05, 2019

What a sweetheart if a guy Dave is. Must really be a moment for sweet to share.

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